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CYL 3 Heroes Discussion ft. Ether & Legion! - Brave Echoes | Skills Overview 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

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Having all watched the Brave Echoes Banner trailer and fully getting to see the new skills of the Choose Your Legends 3 Heroes, EitherDragon, Legion and I discuss and go over our newest Brave Heroes!

It's been 8 months since the Choose Your Legends 3 process started and now we're on the release of the Brave Echoes Banner ft. Brave Camilla, Brave Micaiah, Brave Eliwood and Brave Alm!

They all bring along with themselves amazing new weapons and fantastic new skills.

Every new Brave Hero has a very well defined and effective role in FEH!

Brave Camilla - Offensive Healer, Gravity Debuffer and capable kiter
Brave Miciah - Armour and Cavalary smasher, fantastic debuffer and a fantastic addition to Flier Balls
Brave Alm - Dragon Killer, great baiter and fantastic all-around hero
Brave Eliwood - Dragon and Beast Killer, incredible offence while being a good buffer

CYL 2019 lives up to the hype and It's an amazing banner but it shouldn't be forgotten the CYL rule. The Brave Echoes Banner along with all Choose Your Legends Banners, features fantastic but normal heroes that will be in the normal summoning pool.

Still, we go over this new great CYL Banner and come up with some goofy ideas too!
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