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News: Ripple (XRP) Bleeding, Down 10.5% May Retest Q1 2019 Support

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Full credits for this video to NewsBTC who listed the info in this video on an article on their website:


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0:00:00 Ripple (XRP) Bleeding, Down 10.5% May Retest Q1 2019 Support

0:00:07 This update is brought to you by "CoinCheckup News Updates" and was originally published on "NewsBTC".

0:00:13 Christine Lagarde will take over from Mario Draghi.

0:00:16 According to analysts plus her previous comments on Ripple, this is bullish for XRP.

0:00:22 However, that is not enough to prop XRP, which is down 10.5 percent in 24 hours.

0:00:28 The so-called XRP Army is known for its ferocious protection of Ripple and XRP.

0:00:34 Supporting the third most liquid asset in their swarm and vigor, they tear down critics-regardless of the objective or validity of their questions.

0:00:41 Their effort has seen Binance make XRP base currency.

0:00:46 Besides, for their tireless effort, they had a response from Microsoft’s Skype.

0:00:50 Although their request is still in consideration, their role is indeed significant.

0:00:55 After all, overt support from the community is that cog that keeps the project’s wheel rolling, replenishing morale.

0:01:01 Overly, Ripple’s goal is to expand as a global payment settlement platform.

0:01:06 Even so, according to their Head of Global Banking, Marjan Delatinne, their objective is not to compete with SWIFT and other rival platforms per se but to complement them.

0:01:15 Presently, the focus is on Christine Lagarde.

0:01:18 A politician and serving as the Managing Director of the IMF, the finance figurehead synonymous with the Bretton Woods Institution member, is open to cryptocurrencies and interestingly keen on Ripple.

0:01:29 Insisting that banks and financial institutions must adapt to remain competitive, her view is supportive of cryptocurrencies in general.

0:01:37 Although the European Central Bankis rigid, recently saying Bitcoin is not a currency but rather an asset, her taking over from Mario Draghi could change the European’s regulator view.

0:01:47 Thanks for watching this video!
If you wanna read the whole article you can go to CoinCheckup.com or go to: "NewsBTC", who originally published this news update on their website.


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