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  • 02:37 Ripple-Sound-Demo


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    Visualizing Sound. Using FOSTEX water speaker,3D Time of Flight camera.....and more. aircord+eater+Intercity-express

  • 00:33 Ripple Test

    Ripple Test

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    Real time ripples programmed in C++ using OpenFrameworks. Frame differencing is used to create the ripples. Ripple algorithm is based on the one here - http://freespace.virgin.net/hugo.elias/graphics/x_water.htm

  • 02:58 The music of the blockchain

    The music of the blockchain

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    A real-time generative audiovisual system that translates transactions between wallets and smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain to music. Developed for the ConsenSys Ethereal conference in NYC 2018. Powered by aleth.io Written in openFrameworks and