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  • 25:28 Using The Ripple Solver

    Using The Ripple Solver

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    00:30 How the ripple solver works 03:00 The pond scene 04:20 Using scatter to create impacts 07:30 Creating deformations using a VOP 18:00 Bringing it all together 23:30 Solver settings

  • 21:56 Refine The Ripple Solver Setup

    Refine The Ripple Solver Setup

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    00:45 Change the setup to use a SOP solver to update the simulated geo 11:45 Vary wavespeed using a per point attribute 17:00 Building an enclosed polygonal volume from the ripple grid

  • 01:39 Ripples


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    first video in the Caffenol/Kodachrome 40/DIY telecine experiments. Shot a cart of Kodachrome 40 on super8 and hand developed with the Caffenol-C M process. Once dried, the film was DIY telecined with a rag-tag set-up comprising of (and in order) a Canon