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  • 00:30 StartMiner - Bitcoin mining - English [HD] [Official Video]

    StartMiner - Bitcoin mining - English [HD] [Official Video]

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  • 00:47 Ripple Effect

    Ripple Effect

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    Motion, light, water, patterns, and music, enjoy. Rothbard Cottingham Bandwagon on https://handpans.bandcamp.com/, itunes and spotify. Music by Wade Cottingham

  • 09:22 RIPPLE REFLECTIONS #2 With Joy


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    RIPPLE REFLECTIONS #2 With Joy is the sequel to Ripple Reflections 1 With Joy. RR #2 is similar in content and intent; nature gently interacts with human, filled with beauty, sweetness and serenity--a meditation. But RR #2 encompasses more mystery and is

  • 01:39 Ripples


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    first video in the Caffenol/Kodachrome 40/DIY telecine experiments. Shot a cart of Kodachrome 40 on super8 and hand developed with the Caffenol-C M process. Once dried, the film was DIY telecined with a rag-tag set-up comprising of (and in order) a Canon

  • 01:40 REGA | Crowdsurance Platform | Explainer

    REGA | Crowdsurance Platform | Explainer

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    REGA is The World's First Crowdsurance Platform On Blockchain. Crowdsurance is the community of individuals shared their risks with each other. It is connected with blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency. Project on Behance: https://www.behance.n